Beastie Boys Defend Asians From Racism

AllHipHop Staff

The Beastie Boys are using their powerful platform to call out racists who are targeting Chinese people over the coronavirus.

(AllHipHop News) The Beastie Boys have condemned racism towards the Asian community in a new Facebook post.

The "No Sleep Till" Brooklyn hitmakers are appalled by attacks on Asians, who are being blamed for the coronavirus crisis by ignorant Americans, and as their new documentary, Beastie Boys Story, hits Apple TV, Mike D and Ad-Rock are speaking out.

"How about we give it a break with racism. Being hateful towards people of Asian descent will not keep you safe from this Coronavirus. We’re all in this together," the duo's social media post reads.

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This is laughable. As a group that has profited from black culture you would think they would have something to say about racism toward black people... Especially in China during this epidemic.


A lot of the racism has been from the Black community which is ironic given all the racism the Black community has endured.