Beastie Boys Dropping Documentary 'Awesome: I F*ckin' Shot That'

The Beastie

Boys will release a documentary directed and produced by group member Adam “M.C.A.”

Yauch titled “Awesome: I F**kin’ Shot That.”

The documentary was shot at an Oct. 9 sold-out show at Madison

Square Garden in New York City.

The group handed

out 50 cameras to various audience members during the show. The documentary

will include the audiences’ perspective from 50 different camera angles.

Yauch and co-producer Doran produced the documentary for their

company Oscilloscope Films for about $1 million dollars.

Independent film distribution company ThinkFilm landed worldwide

rights to documentary, after reading about the innovative approach to filming

the concert.

According to Yauch, the concept was inspired by a fan who posted

a video clip of a concert performance from his phone on the group’s internet

message board.

"I'm glad that the film has found a home with Think,”

Yauch said. “S**t has been bubbling for a minute and now Think is gonna

light a match."

ThinkFilm Company President and CEO, Jeff Sackman, said ThinkFilms

pursued the project aggressively upon learning about the innovative approach

to filming the concert.

“Adam, Jon, and the rest of their team at Oscilloscope

Films are the equal of any filmmaking team we've worked with when it comes to

having a vision and realizing it to its best and fullest potential," Sackman


According to Yauch, the film will appeal to viewers despite

being shot by “a bunch of untrained camera operators.”

“That gives the film sincerity,” the rapper said.

“The people that shot it, were feeling it."


I F**kin’ Shot That” will open in spring of 2006 and in summer,

a cutting edge DVD version of the documentary will hit stores.

In related news,

The Beastie Boys will celebrate their 24th anniversary by releasing the 15-track

limited edition CD/DVD Solid Gold Hits on Capitol Records, Nov. 8.