Beastie Boys Finishing New Album

The Beastie Boys are putting the final touches on the highly anticipated follow up to 1998's Hello Nasty.In an interview with the BBC, group member Mike D. said the album would be a straight Hip-Hop album."We've been working for a little while in a secret location," Mike D. said. "But there's light at the end of the tunnel and we're mixing now so it's almost complete."The secret recording location is somewhere in New York and the group made a conscious decision to record the entire new album in the city."We missed a lot about New York because its just a great place to make a record," Mike D. added. "Everything is just up in your face the whole time. I mean we just go up in the studio for however many hours a day, but just getting to the studio you've still gotta deal with people - it's not like L.A."The album may be released as early as June.