Beastie Boys Found Adam Yauch's Death Too Painful To Include In Memoir

MCA's death is left out of the Beastie Boys' upcoming book.

(AllHipHop News) The remaining Beastie Boys refused to write about Adam Yauch's death from cancer in their new memoir as it was too painful.

Surviving members Michael Diamond, 52, and Adam Horovitz, 51, release their hotly anticipated Beastie Boys Book next month.

However, the pair tell Britain's Q magazine that their thoughts on their bandmate's 2012 death will not feature in the autobiography as his loss is, "too f##king sad".

Diamond and Horovitz's writings are in character as their rap personas Ad-Rock and Mike D, and the book also features photos, original illustrations, a cookbook, a graphic novel, a map of Beastie Boys' New York, and mixtape playlists.

During the interview the duo were prepared to reminisce about their fallen pal, stage name MCA, however, telling Q that they miss him more than ever.

"I miss working on projects," Horovitz says. "There was always a thing where we'd show up at a studio and Yauch would go, "We're making a video today. We have to climb up on the roof, put on these chicken outfits...' And we'd be like, 'Wait, what'."

Diamond adds that he misses the camaraderie of the band - and enjoyed remembering old times for the book.

"I miss him throwing curveballs," he explains. "I miss having that gang. We all loved coming back to it."

They have refused to continue on with the group after his death and neither write raps anymore as all three worked on their lyrics together.

However, Diamond says he was nearly tempted out of retirement by the chance to perform in a rap battle in Los Angeles.

"I saw a poster when I got back to LA for a rap battle, $1,000 ," he reveals. "I could use some cash. I know my style could be considered out of date but I'm ready to take that risk."

His bandmate disapproved though, suggesting he'd have better luck competing in Dancing with the Stars.

The Beastie Boys Book is out on October 30.