Beastie Boys JMJ Concert Sells Out In 24 Seconds

The Beastie Boys tribute concert to Jam Master

Jay sold out in 24 seconds according to House Of Blues.

The all ages concert will take place on April

25 in Las Vegas and the proceeds will go to JMJ's family and his estate.

DMC and DJ Hurricane will also be in attendance,

but it is not clear if either Run or DMC will actually perform.

The JMJ concert is the first Beastie Boys U.S.

concert in over for years.

In related news, the first biography of Jam Master

Jay hit stores on Tuesday (April 1). The biography, titled Jam Master Jay: The

Heart Of Hip-Hop, was written by David E. Thigpen.

The book is based on interviews with Jam Master

Jay's friends, business associates and interviews with Run-DMC before Jay was

gunned down in October of 2002.

"The media today is in such a hurry because

the news cycle for anything is just so quick that most writers didn't have time

to really look into the details and get into the nuance or what happened or

what Jay was about," Thigpen recently told the Chicago Tribune.

"This was a ready made category, 'Another

Rapper Killed,' that they could throw him into and that's really too bad because

it really did him a disservice."

Jam Master Jay's murder remains at large and

the investigation is still ongoing.