Beastie Boys to Reissue Paul’s Boutique

AllHipHop Staff

The Beastie Boys have confirmed via their official website the reissue of one of Hip-Hop’s greatest and most creative albums in Paul’s Boutique.

Initially received as a commercial disappointment in 1989, Paul’s Boutique went on to amass a strong following due to the Dust Brother’s prodigious and intricate sampling techniques, and the savvy, pop culture heavy lyrics of the Beasties.

Ten years after its release, the album was certified double platinum.

The LP remains a masterpiece in the art of sampling, and due to the progression of clearance laws will likely never be duplicated.

The project preceded the genre altering copyright lawsuit of singer Gilbert O’Sullivan (Grand Upright Music) vs. Biz Markie (Warner Bros. Records).

Sullivan’s winning judgment required all Hip-Hop artists afterward to pay clearance fees and relinquish song publishing rights for samples, effectively diminishing Hip-Hop tracks featuring more than 2 samples.

Paul’s Boutique boasts over 100 samples throughout its 15 tracks.

The memorable final song, “B-Boy Bouillabaisse,” is a 9 section suite consisting of over 20 samples ranging from Bob Marley and Pink Floyd to Johnny Cash and Jimi Hendrix.

Jay-Z and producer Bigg D used “B-Boy Bouillabaisse” as the backbone for “Hello Brooklyn 2.0,” the bass-heavy, Lil Wayne assisted track off of 2007’s American Gangster.

Although Amazon lists the reissue for January 27, the Beastie Boys have not confirmed the release date, or what bonuses the reissue will contain.

The remastering of Paul Boutique’s will coincide with the album’s 20th anniversary.