Beatnuts Dis J-Lo Again

The Beatnuts are still unhappy with Jennifer Lopez’ sampling of their hit song “Watch Out Now” and hurl insults at the actress/singer on their latest album, Milk Me.

”Confused Rappers” features Rahzel and showcases agitated group member Junkyard Juju taunting Lopez. J-Lo with producers The Track Masters turned The Beatnuts’ “Watch Out Now,” which flaunted a memorable flute sample, into the No. 1 hit “Jenny from the Block.”

Ju Ju raps, “You know you haven't been to the block for a minute getting all the little Latin girls to bite when you really can't sing and you're no Salma Hayek."

Juju said that they have managed to find some resolution since the song fiasco originally happened.

“The actual producer of the song [from which ‘Jenny from the Block’ and ‘Watch Out Now’ were sampled from] was totally with giving us our props and even giving us some money,” Juju revealed to “I think it was the powers that be. The people behind that s**t were the d**ks in the situation.. If we didn’t make that record [‘Watch Out Now’], nobody was gonna make that record.”

“The whole Trackmasters and those f***in’ biting niggas,” Psycho Les told in November of 2002. “N***as is biters and that’s the bottom line. I had nothing to do with that [J-Lo’s song]. I didn’t even know till I heard it on the radio. But whatever, they gonna see us. Come with some paper, if not we gonna settle that s**t on the streets.”

After a brief hiatus, The Beatnuts inked a deal with the newly activated Penalty Records imprint to release their latest album.

The group landed at Penalty after their previous label, Loud Records closed doors in 2002. Shortly afterwards the group released a full length album The Originators.

The latest offering features Greg Nice, Rahzel, Triple Seis, A.G., Freeway and Prince Whipper Whip, who rose to fame with pioneering Hip-Hop group The Fantastic 5.

Milk Me, The Beatnuts 7th album, hits stores August 31.