Beatnuts Founders Team With Problemz To Form Big City, Album Drops In June

The Beatnuts founder

Psycho Les and original member Al Tariq (Fashion) have reunited and teamed with

Problemz of Missin Linx to form a new group, Big City. The

group is planning to release their debut album The City Never Sleeps on June 5. The 13-track-album features

all new material produced entirely by The Beatnuts. Al

Tariq was also a founding member of the Beatnuts, along with JuJu.

He left the group in 1998 and released the classic album, God Connections.


producers, The Beatnuts (Pyscho Les & Juju) have crafted hits for artists

like Fat Joe, Mos Def, N.O.R.E. and released a number of classic singles including

"No Escapin' This," "Watch Out Now" and "Off The Books,"

which Jennifer Lopez incorporated into her hit record "Jenny from the Block."The

album is also the first solo project for Problemz, who has been featured on numerous

Beatnut tracks and as a member of Missin Linx.