Beatnuts Sign With Penalty

Critically acclaimed

hip-hop group The Beatnuts have signed a deal with the recently re-launched

Penalty Recordings, one of the most successful independent record labels of

the 1990's.

"I watched

their career develop on Relativity and Loud Records and I became a huge fan,"

CEO Neil Levine said. "The Beatnuts are career artists who produce, rap

and tour; they are timeless and can make hit records. This is the perfect artist

to re-launch the Penalty brand”.

In 2002, Levine

snagged a deal with Ryko Music and formed Penalty Associated Labels, which handles

the distribution for other independent record labels.

“When I started

Penalty I saw a void in the marketplace and now in 2003 with all of the consolidation

going on at the labels, this is an extremely exciting time to be an independent,"

CEO Neil Levine said. "It’s the time to take chances with the music

and to keep pushing the envelope to where the multi-nationals are afraid to

go. It’s all about great music.”

Penalty Associated

Labels handles distribution for Ice T's Final Level Entertainment, Blackstone

Entertainment and Raptivism Records.

Levine said he

plans to announce new signing in the future.