Beef Heats Up Between Lil Wayne And Juvenile


has released a new underground CD on his label, UTP Records titled 600

Degreez. While Wayne and the Big Tymers maintained in interviews that

there is no beef with former cash money artists, a freestyle Lil Wayne did

over the beat from Camron's "Oh boy" calls out Juvenile and proclaims

that he's glad he's the only hot boy left. Juvenile's response to the "Oh

boy" freestyle appears on 600 Degreez. The scathing diss song

"A Hoe" has UTP artist Skip and Juvenile rampaging on Lil Wayne.

Skip's rhymes: "How you pull a nerve to ever start dissin ni**az /When

you were on BET straight kissin ni**AZ?"

The hook on the song continues,

saying "What kinda ni**a kiss another man? A hoe/ What kinda ni**ga needs

his mama to hold his hand? A hoe/ What kinda ni**a wear tear drops and ain't

killed shit? A hoe/ Saying he a drug lord and ain't deal shit? A hoe."

50 Cent and Noreaga make guest

appearances on 600 Degreez. If you live outside of Louisiana you may

have trouble finding the album. As of today, the album has limited distribution.

Here is the tracklisting for Juvenile's 600 Degreez:

01 Right Now 4:15

02 All About Money ft. Skip 4:40

03 On Your Own ft Skip 3:32

04 Holla At A Ni**a ft. Skip 3:21

05 Party ft Skip 4:13

06 With Me ft. Skip 3:55

07 Mind Ya Business ft Skip 3:49

08 Ride With Us 4:38

09 NY To NO ft Skip 50 Cent 3:44

10 Little Bit 3:27

11 Thug Ni**AZ ft Noreaga 3:42

12 Hope Yall Ready ft Playas Dynasty 4:16

13 Hustle ft Fyre Dank 4:11

14 You Ready 4:03

15 A Hoe (Lil Wayne Diss) featuring Skip 4:13