Belly Breaks Down Recording Sessions With His Roc Nation Mentor Jay-Z

“He's the epitome of what you want a career to look like.”

(AllHipHop News) Ahmad “Belly” Balshe had sections of the internet talking when the Canadian posted photos to Instagram of him and Jay-Z in the studio. The caption for the photo and video simply read, “zone.”

More information about the sessions wasn't provided. However, Belly was asked about his recording time with the Roc Nation head in a new interview with Billboard.

“Just to have the involvement of somebody I've idolized my whole life is amazing. A lot of the credit people give me on certain sh-t, I'm like, ‘[JAY-Z] taught me to do that.’ I've been listening to him my whole life, but he's taught me how to approach things differently and to take my words more seriously when I rap,” admitted Belly. “It's dope having him there and being involved with my album. [Him] having a hands-on approach with it is incredible. I think he's trying to instill his greatness, and show me his perspective from an outsider's approach. Sometimes you overthink sh-t. It's the greatest blessing.”

The West Bank-born musician later added, “We've been in there late some nights. He's the epitome of what you want a career to look like. For him to be at the pinnacle and still take the time to come do sessions with young guys is a blessing and it shows a lot about his character, love, and passion.”

Last year, Belly released his Mumble Rap mixtape via XO/Roc Nation. Up next is a project titled Midnight Zone which is expected to feature The Weeknd, Ty Dolla $ign, YG, French Montana, and NAV.

“I approached the situation with so much more care than I approach my mixtapes with and I'm meticulous. When I approach my mixtapes I'm very calculated. With this, this is my baby. This has to be everything I want it to be and more,” explained the "4 Days" performer.