Bengals Star Launches Company Inspired By B.I.G.

Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Tackle Willie Anderson has announced the launch of Think Big Entertainment, a dual organization focusing on the promotion of music and film.

The four-time Pro Bowler has already signed a rapper, 19-year-old G-Fiive, and plans to release his album later this year.

A native of Mobile, Alabama, Anderson has long sought to simultaneously pursue his love of football, music, film and business.

With Think Big Entertainment, the gridiron standout now has that opportunity.

“While football is my first love, music and film are a close second,” Anderson explained to “But the first businesses I started were the twenty Fat Burger franchise licenses I’ve acquired throughout Atlanta and Cincinnati. Now that I’ve gotten a number of them up and running I can concentrate on making my dream come true by building a successful entertainment company.”

A huge fan of the late icon The Notorious B.I.G., Anderson named his company after the slain rap legend.

The title originated on that fateful night of March 9, 1997, when B.I.G., born Christopher Wallace, was shot and killed in Los Angeles by unknown assailants.

“The night Biggie was killed the networks kept showing the scene of the crime and I noticed that ‘Think Big’ posters were plastered all over the SUV,” Anderson recalled. “To commemorate him I thought it would be a great idea to name the new company that. The thing is the company wouldn’t start for another 4 years, but the name stuck.”

After a slow embryonic stage beginning in 2001, Anderson contemplated calling it quits until a meeting with a then 16-year-old rapper named G-Fiive.

“G-Fiive’s energy gave me that spark I needed to go after my dream and make his dreams come true at the same time,” Anderson said. “He’s a natural entertainer and I wanted to hone in on his ability and perfect it. We feel development is the key element to success. The goal is to saturate the Internet as well as the streets with G-Fiive’s presence while gradually bringing awareness to the mainstream.”

G-Fiive’s debut single “Spotlight” features Bobby Valentino.