Benzino Pleads Innocent



Scott, co-owner of The Source, has pleaded innocent to

to 9 charges levied against him by the Miami Beach Police

Department. Benzino was arrested after officers allegedly

caught him speeding.

Benzino will

be arraigned October 1st, before Circuit Judge Gill Freeman.

As we reported after The Source Awards, Benzino was arrested

after he and passenger Curtis Williams were arrested.

Scott allegedly got into an altercation with a motorcycle

officer and assaulted the officer. Benzino has publicly

denied the charges and instead claims that the police

officers were engaging in what is known as "profiling,"

and pulled him over simply because he is a black male

and was driving a Ferrari.

Scott faces

four felonies, including battery on a police officer,

and five misdemeanors, including reckless driving for

allegedly weaving in and out of traffic while going 64

mph in a 30 mph zone.