Best Coast Member Claims Chris Brown's Song "Perpetuates Rape Culture"

(AllHipHop News) Chris Brown has faced a lot of scrutiny throughout his career. The R&B singer is now being slammed by a member of the band Best Coast. Vocalist Bethany Cosentino took to Twitter to call out CB for his Top 20 hit "Back To Sleep."

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Cosentino went on an extended tweet rant claiming the Royalty single was about rape. She took issue with the song's chorus: "Just let me rock, f-ck you back to sleep girl. Don't say a word no, don't you talk. Just hold on tight to me girl. F-ck you back to sleep girl rock you back."

Cosentino posted, "You already know how I feel about Chris Brown - but WHY/HOW are those lyrics ok? Cool, a song that perpetuates rape culture being a hit."

She later added, "How about this for a review: singing about f-cking a girl back to sleep/telling her dont say a word is singing about rape + it's disgusting."

While the indie rock singer's interpretation of the song suggested the lyrics are about rape, others took the track's theme to be about Brown returning home in the middle of the night to his girlfriend after a long trip. He finds her asleep. She then wakes up to greet him before they engage in sex.

The idea of rape being promoted in music has become a very sensitive issue in recent years. Both Rick Ross and Rich Homie Quan faced backlash over lyrics that were perceived to be about sexual abuse of women.

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Read Bethany Cosentino's tweets and watch the video for Chris Brown's "Back To Sleep" below.