BET Acquires Pre-Prison Lil' Kim Reality Series

BET announced the acquisition

of three new reality series yesterday (Jan. 9), including one starring imprisoned

rapper Lil’ Kim.

Famed director Reginald

Hudlin of the directing team The Hudlin Brothers, was named President

of Entertainment of BET in July of 2005.

Yesterday, Hudlin appeared

before TV critics for the first time since being appointed to the position.

He announced the acquisition

of “Lil’ Kim: Countdown to Lockdown” as well as two other

reality series, “Season of the Tiger” and “Meet the Faith

for BET’s 2006 season.

Hudlin said he aimed to

re-brand BET as a “leader of the new school” that will become a

“repository of all black culture.”

“Lil’ Kim: Countdown

to Lockdown” follows the rapper before she was sentenced to 366 days in

prison for perjury, after being found guilty of lying to a federal grand jury

about her knowledge of a broad daylight shootout in 2001 in New York.

“Mouth shut, head

held high, as she refuses to snitch” was the description Lil’ Kim’s

show, when it was presented to critics.

The series features Lil’

Kim at recording sessions, listening parties and spending time with family and

friends before she entered The Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

[Lil’ Kim: Countdown

to Lockdown] takes a very serious look at her life and her choices, and the

consequences of those choices,” Hudlin told critics. “It's absurd,

and it's tragic.”

“Season of the Tiger” focuses on the lives of three students from

Grambling State University, while “Meet the Faith” is a Sunday talk

show that will feature various religious leaders discussing the issues of the


Hudlin has experience in television production as well as movie making.

He has directed episodes

of The Bernice Mac Show, Everybody Hates Chris as well as the classic movies

“House Party” “Boomerang” “The Ladies Man”

and others.

“Lil’ Kim: Countdown

to Lockdown” will debut on Mar. 9.