BET Preps 'American Gangster,' Programming Hits iTunes

BET viewers

will now be able to watch the network’s latest slate of programming, by downloading

them on iTunes. Available

shows include BET’s new docudrama American Gangster as well as

DMX: Soul of a Man, Lil' Kim: Countdown to Lockdown and Beef: The


latest series American Gangster chronicles the life and times of some of

Black America's most notorious crime figures. The

show, which premieres Tuesday (Nov. 28), will showcase profiles of Leroy Nicky

Barnes, "Freeway" Ricky Ross, The Chambers Brothers, Fat Cat Nicholas

and Stanley "Tookie" Williams and how their actions affected their community."Crime

is a cancer that eats away at our communities," said Reginald Hudlin, BET

President of Entertainment. "But for a generation that grew up thinking greed

is good -- whether on Wall Street or Martin Luther King Boulevard -- they're not

quite so sure whether crime pays or not. We wanted to take an honest look at the

criminal life, demystify that world and show what it does to our community."

In addition

to exploring the lives of drug dealers, murderers and thieves, each American

Gangster episode will include segments with those affected by the subjects

profiled, as well as news footage, photographs and interviews.The

six-part docu-drama is narrated by actor Ving Rhames and executive produced by

Nelson George, Frank Sinton (Asylum Entertainment), Mark Rowland and BET."We

picked figures whose crimes were legendary in their cities and had national, and

in some cases, an international dimension," George added. "U.S. presidents

play a key role in four of the six episodes, which shows you these criminals were

not just purse snatchers."Viewers

can download the first episode of American Gangster right now for free on iTunes.