Beyonce Gets New Protection!

I am hearing some interesting stuff. The International ZULU NATION now has stated that they will also protect Beyonce.

The Nation of Islam put out a similar offer. This all came about after the police in Texas apparently refused to offer Beyonce for protection during her tours. I am not sure if they are obligated to do this legally but a damn Super Bowl concert should no stop you from serving and protecting. AND, they should want to do it just to get within a few feet of Bey. You know those foot cops really want to smell Bey’s perfume and get an autograph.

So now the ZULU NATION has stepped up and seeks to put it down for Beyonce. I think between them and the Fruit of Islam, she will not have any issues. I am just thinking this dude Julius may want to watch his back! The NYPD said they would protect Beyonce ONLY if she issued an apology for her Black Panther-themed Super Bowl performance in February.

To that, I say: