Beyonce Loses Motion For Permanent Injunction In Trademark Battle

Beyonce is having a tough time in court.

(AllHipHop News) Beyonce has been dealt a legal blow in her trademark battle with the owners of a Texas company.

The "Drunk in Love" hitmaker has taken issue with bosses at Feyonce, Inc., and the products they are selling under the moniker, which is a play on her own trademarked name.

Beyonce wanted the firm's owners to cease selling their goods, which reportedly feature phrases and lyrics from her hit song "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)."

She alleged they were capitalising on the huge success of her 2008 release by infringing on her trademarks and copyrights, which she believed would cause "irreparable harm" to her business reputation - as she had no control over the quality of the products.

She was also seeking all profits from the unofficial merchandise, damages, and a permanent injunction on any future items, but U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan has shut down her request, ruling Feyonce's existence would not create confusion in the marketplace.

"A rational jury might or might not conclude that the pun here is sufficient to dispel any confusion among the purchasing public," Judge Nathan wrote in her ruling in Manhattan on Monday.

The lawmaker also ordered the parties to discuss a possible settlement and trial dates and she scheduled the next hearing for November 1.

Beyonce has yet to comment on the ruling, but Feyonce, Inc. bosses previously claimed their business was not named after the star, and is instead just the phonetic way of pronouncing 'fiancee' or 'fiance', insisting their products are marketed at engaged couples.

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The only ones happy about the decision must be lawyers who will now be billing their respective clients for their hard work on a full-blown trial. It's really not about whether the purchasing public would be confused into believing that Feyonce's merchandise with Beyonce's lyrics on it is made and sold by Beyonce. It's about whether Feyonce is unjustly enriched by creating a false association with Beyonce. The latter seems to be a much simpler question to answer.

Andrei Mincov

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