#BGA Clyde Carson: Something to Speak About

If you've ever been to LA and stepped inside the clubs, you would know that West Coast rapper Clyde Carson has been doing his thing on the Cali Hip-Hop circuit for a minute. Having pushed his Something to Speak About (S.T.S.A.) mixtape for the past few years and as a former member of Game's Black Wall Street clique, Clyde is well known from his home town in the Bay, down to LA and back again. But as the Rap game would have it, Clyde is just now finding his solo success and he's finally getting booked across the West Coast with club and street friendly tracks like last summer's hit song "Slow Down" produced by Shonuff, who did his whole album.

Aside from the signature charting hit with "Slow Down," Clyde says he has a few other tracks waiting in the chamber that are bubbling on the California rap scene and online as well. With artists like Tyga, YG, Problem and others getting nationwide recognition from hits produced by DJ Mustard and the League of Stars, labels are all heading West to pick up the next big artist with that "new" West Coast sound.

Clyde Carson - "Slow Down" ft The Team

During AllHipHop.com's interview with Clyde in the heart of Hollywood, Clyde describes his role in the sound that been taking off not only in California but across the country. As Clyde ordered round after round of his favorite drink - top shelf-white Russians - we kicked back a few of the concoctions ourselves and listened to the story of how Cali's new sound has become so widely popular. Take a look at our sit down with Clyde Carson below and get accustomed to a "new" Cali sound that has the left-coast vibing on a whole new wavelength.

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Clyde Carson - Ballin'

Clyde Carson - Henny In My Red Cup