Bid On Time With X-Clan's Prof. X

While most fans seek to meet their favorite rapper, whether it’s a legend or neophyte, that chance rarely comes. Professor X, founder of conscious Hip-Hop group X-Clan, has utilized eBay to auction off a night in New York City for the fan that bids the highest.

On the site, Prof X explains, “[We will] go to all the hottest spots and record shops in NYC too. Make it happen for a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

In the 80’s and 90’s, Prof X (real name Lumumba Carson) was renown for his catch phrases “Vanglorious” and referring to wack individuals as “sissies.” In addition, he is the son of the late Civil Rights pioneer Sonny Carson, who produced "The Education of Sonny Carson.".

At press time, the bidding for X’s time had risen from starting bids of $8 to $52 in a span of hours with seven people battling for the X-Clan founder’s time. The bidding ends on August 9.

Should the bidding reach $500 of over, Professor X will pay for the winners bus ticket and he will also help make the housing arrangements with the individual. The cost of such accommodations is to be paid for by the bidder.

X-Clan released a pair of lauded albums, 1990's To the East, Blackwards, and 1992's Xodus, but soon after the Brooklyn-based collective disbanded. While active they were party to a number of grassroots organizations, most notably BlackWatch. The group reportedly regrouped in the late 90’s but never released any material.

To place a bid to chill with X-Clan’s Professor X, click here.