Biden, Palin Debate, Rap Community Reacts

As voters assess the impact of Thursday’s vice presidential debate, representatives of the Hip-Hop community are sharing their thoughts on debaters Joe Biden and Sarah Palin and whether or not they helped or harmed presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and John McCain.

Opinions vary regarding who won the vice presidential debate as the candidates answered questions pertaining to the economy, defense, foreign policy and climate change.

"Sarah Palin did a respectable job in debating Senator Biden but in my opinion Joe Biden was a lot more polished and detailed with his answers in the debate," Houston's Chamillionaire told "There were many times where I completely agreed with Joe Biden’s stance against John McCain’s views on different issues. I don't feel like she was as sharp in her defense of McCain's views at certain points as Biden was defending Obama's views. I feel Biden definitely made a better case of why America should vote Obama.”

Senator Biden appealed to middle class Americans, as he aggressively linked McCain’s policies with those of President George W. Bush and his administration.

"The economic policies of the last eight years are the worst we've ever had," Delaware's Senator Biden said.

Palin countered her opponent by directly facing television cameras and addressing viewers as she touted herself and McCain as a “team of mavericks” and attacked Obama for wanting to meet with rogue world leaders without preconditions.

Legendary Hip-Hop mogul and activist Russell Simmons felt that Palin was given a pass and that her performance was less than stellar.

"I guess the bar was so low for Sara Palin that conservatives think she did okay," Simmons revealed to "The truth is that she's an absolute disaster with no experience. Had she been a man Senator Biden would have killed her and made it even more clear what a lightweight she is. He's a seasoned pro on the issues and she's a programmed publicity stunt. Hopefully some of the independents could see what I saw."

During the evening, Palin accused Obama of being inconsistent and claimed that there was “too much finger pointing” regarding the war, the economy and other critical issues.

She also said it would be a challenge for Obama and Biden to be taken seriously as an agent for change on the world stage, due to their policies.

"There have been huge blunders in the war," Alaska Governor Palin stated. "There have been huge blunders throughout this administration, as there are with every administration. "But for a ticket that wants to talk about change and looking into the future, there's too much finger-pointing backwards to ever make us believe that's where you're going."

Outspoken Atlanta rapper Killer Mike shared his thoughts on the debate and disagreed with Palin's take on Obama and Biden.

"Mr. Biden debated a woman who got her first passport in 2002 and 'has her eye on Putin' because Russia is across the river from Alaska? Don King has more foreign policy experience than Sarah Palin through the 'Thrilla in Manila' and the fights in Africa. So Maybe if Don King had debated Biden I would been more impressed or interested."

The vice presidential debate comes amid political turmoil as the House of Representatives vote on the proposed $700 billion bailout package to save Wall Street and the nation's financial system.

Senate leaders passed the bill on Wednesday (Oct. 3) with a 74-25 vote, thereby setting the stage for the House vote.

Biden, as well as McCain and Obama, were present Wednesday to cast their vote on the bill, which was filled with tax breaks and other provisions and supported by both Obama and McCain.

"Our country is going through the most difficult time in our history - we can not afford four more years of what we have had," said TV personality Fonzworth Bentley, host of the hit series From G's to Gents. "We can not afford a leader who is mediocre. We have to have excellence in our leaders. Leaders who are respected around the world and who have a sensitivity to the global needs that affect us."

Both candidates heavily touted the merits of their running mates during the debate, which took place at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and was moderated by PBS' Gwen Ifill.

"The debate was exactly what I expected," added Mad Hatta of Houston‘s 97.9 The Box. "If you saw the Saturday Night Live Sarah Palin/Katie Couric skit, you know what I mean. After seeing this debate isn't it easy to see who should be America's next President and VP?"

Reviews have been mixed over the performance of the vice presidential candidates, but most pundits agree that Palin’s performance exceeded expectations.

Many doubted whether she could be a worthy running mate for McCain or a qualified successor as a president.

Still, Palin did not convince rapper Immortal Technique, who felt that Biden displayed more knowledge of national and international affairs.

"Joe Bidden had a much more firm grip on foreign policy issues that Palin," Immortal Technique told "She had a very contrived and condescending tone which when mixed with sarcasm played well to disguise her inexperience. Still though, I expected more."

While most people were impressed with Palin, many people were praising Biden’s strategy of concentrating his attack on McCain rather than Palin.

"Sorry Sarah, I will not cast my vote for a feisty old guy and a sharp tongued soccer mom, who uses a fake "Fargo" accent over an Ivy League-educated, world-traveled lawyer, who organized in his community [Obama] and a 30-plus year political veteran with real political know how and relationships [Biden]," Killer Mike said.

Obama and McCain will square off with each other again on Tuesday (October 7).