Big Block/Westmob Fued Heats Up


person has died due to what police claim is a dispute over rap

music, in San Francisco. Starvel Junious, who was 17 was killed

as he was sitting in a car with a friend, who was also shot. His

friend, who was 15, also died. Big Block and The Westmob are supposedly

feuding over CD sales and insults in the songs. There have been

over 20 shootings since November that police claim are connected

to the feud, and police have added a special task force to handle

the violence in the Bayview-Hunters Point district.


are linking the latest incident to a shooting last week that also

left 2 other people dead. The owner of Big Block Records, Douglas

Stepney, 28, is currently awaiting trial on charges of making

terrorist threats stemming from a 1998 incident near a recording

studio. His lawyer said that Big Block is a legitimate business,

and that while there may be kids associated with it that "don't

do nice things", that the business was legitimate.