Big Cat CEO Jacob York Talks Gucci Mane Arrest, Says Hip-Hop Cops Gathering Info

Jacob York, the co-owner of Big Cat Records has addressed the recent arrest of Radric "Gucci Mane" Davis. Davis is an…

Jacob York, the co-owner

of Big Cat Records has addressed the recent arrest of Radric "Gucci Mane"

Davis. Davis is an artist on Big Cat and was recently arrested in Miami, Florida.

Davis was arrested last

week on an outstanding aggravated assault warrant stemming from an earlier,

alleged altercation with a promoter from Atlanta, Georgia.

According to police, the

promoter was injured in the altercation and filed a complaint with authorities.

According to York, he and

Davis were actually detained by federal agents, who were seeking information

on other Hip-Hop acts.

"The whole arrest was

a set up by the 'Hip-Hop Task Force' in Miami to incriminate Gucci [Davis] and

get evidence on other artists," York claimed to "We

were detained for one day for nothing, all because they stated that Gucci [Mane]

had a warrant in Atlanta, Georgia. But we were arrested by the ATF, DEA and

the FBI. Since when do any of them execute state level warrants?"

Davis is currently incarcerated

and awaiting extradition back to Atlanta, Georgia.

According to York, the man that was allegedly assaulted was misrepresenting

himself as Davis’ manager and accepting money.

“He was booking bogus

shows, so I pressed charges on him for embezzlement,” York stated. “He

got served and then called Gucci and stated that if [Gucci] didn't give him

$25,000 that he was going to go to the police and give this bogus story and

that's what he did.”

York believes a bigger scenario

is unfolding.

Davis and Atlanta, Georgia

rapper Young Jeezy became embroiled in a bitter feud that saw the two trading

insults on the mixtape circuit.

According to York the dispute

stems over the rapper’s disagreement over who owned the song “So

Icy” which has become an underground club hit in the United States.

In May of 2005, five armed

men broke into a house where Davis was visiting a female acquaintance.

Davis’ Lawyer Dennis

Scheib described the scenario.

“One of them had green

duct tape, one had brass knuckles, and one had a weapon,” Scheib said.

“My client was hit with brass knuckles and his friend was hit with a weapon.

One of the alleged assailants yelled 'shoot him' and he [Davis] grabbed a gun

near by to defend himself.”

A short time later the body

of Henry “Pookie Loc” Clark was found in a wooded area behind a

local school.

Clark was affiliated with

a Macon, Georgia rap group known as Loccish Lifestyle and according to local

published reports, was signed to Jeezy's Corporate Thug Entertainment.

Jeezy has denied all allegations

of involvement in the shooting and stated that there was no dispute over the


“It was our song,

but it was always understood that it was for him to blow up,” Jeezy countered

to shortly after the incident. “And that’s how it

was supposed to be, and I was cool with that.”

York believes the entire

situation is bigger than most people are aware of.

"The officers knew

everything about us, they knew about the beef between Gucci and Jeezy,"

York recounted. "Two of the officers made a joke stating that Gucci should

give them the chain that Jeezy is after, so they could "split" the

$20,000 fifty/ fifty."

A police spokesman confirmed

with that Davis was arrested in the City of Miami. Police officials

could not be reached for comment to York’s allegations as of press time.

York said Gucci Mane is

expected resume promotion of his album Trap House once he is released.

Young Jeezy is

preparing his highly anticipated album Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101,

which lands on shelves tomorrow (July 26).