Big Fase Drops Diss Record Against His Brother Rapper Game

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Big Fase 100 has dropped a new diss record titled "No Help," aimed at his younger brother, Compton rapper Game. The pair have been publicly feuding since at least 2005, after Game cut ties with Big Fase and numerous Black Wall Street associates in a financial dispute. Earlier this month, their beef flared up again, shortly after Game dropped his mixtape Brakelights with DJ Skee. In recent weeks, Big Fase has surfaced in videos on the Internet, claiming that Game stole the title for Brakelights from a song he did with a local Compton artist named Big Chief, in an attempt to taunt him. Big Fase and Game also criticized each other on Twitter last week as well. Big Fase accused his little brother of leaving his family behind and in need, while Game claimed none of the family visited after he was shot in 2001. On the record "No Help," Big Fase 100 raps:"Your word is in the wind/It's hard to believe that we any kind of kin/one of the world's first sins/is brother against brother/and I chose to keep but you'd rather see me sleep/you a shadow of a man/and that man's right here." In 2005, Big Fase revealed details about the falling out in an exclusive interview with "I quit my hustle when The Documentary dropped. The way it was put to me, this is what we were doing and "our" life was about to change. Basically, what I’ve done is I’ve set the stage and I created the backdrop for The Game. I mean, his n***as that have been visible for the past year, those have been my n***as. Basically, what I did, I provided the background story for Game. I got so much love where I am, and you know me and you never heard of my brother – you love him too. We don’t share the same mother, we share the same father. For lack of a better word, I certified his gangster. A year later, me and everybody that loves me, we’re left out here with nothing."In addition to diss tracks and public insults, Game's feud with his family turned physical. The rapper was sued by his cousin, Robert "Kirky" Kirkwood in 2009, over a physical altercation that took place the previous year at a funeral for Game's sister. The pair fought during an argument during a funeral for Kirkwood's sister, who had been ill for at least six years. Kirkwood accused the Game of failing to pay half of a $14,000 funeral bill. Game allegedly showed up at the funeral unexpectedly and Kirkwood confronted him outside of the church over the money. The rapper claimed he offered to pay for the casket and the flowers, but Kirkwood and the rest of the family allegedly sought full payment. Game, born Jayceon Taylor, was eventually charged with criminal battery for the assault and sentenced to 36 anger management courses over a five-month period. To listen to Big Fase's diss track "No Help," click here.