Big Numbers For Flick Starring Ice Cube And Eve

"Barbershop," which stars rappers Ice

Cube and Eve, snagged the number one spot at the North American box office according

to MGM studio estimates issued Sunday.

In the movie, Cube stars as the owner of barbershop

that has been a long standing social gathering place in a Southside Chicago

neighborhood. After his bills mount up, Cube sells the shop to a local loan

shark to pay off debts and start a career in recording. Afterwards, he realizes

how much the shop means to the community and goes through extreme measures to

get it back.

"Barbershop," which also stars Cedric

The Entertainer, was shot on a budget under $15 million and almost doubled the

costs the first weekend out, raking in $21 million dollars. The closest premiere

for the weekend was "Stealing Harvard," a comedy that features Tom

Green. "Stealing Harvard took in $6.3 million.

If the numbers issued by MGM are accurate, "Barbershop"

will be the third best September opening movie ever, trailing behind "Rush

Hour," which took in $33 million the first weekend and "Double Jeopardy"

which did a respectable $23.2 million. "Barbershop" will push "Remember

The Titans" to fourth place with $20.9 million.

Talks were underway before the movie even hit

theaters for a sequel to the film.