Big Pun Mural A Success


Pun was remembered

yesterday (Tuesday Feb. 6, 2001) as family, friends and fans

gathered to watch the Tat's Cru paint a mural in honor of Big

Pun. Many celebrities were in attendance, including Remy Martin,

Ja-Rule, Cuban Link, Kool Herc and Fat Joe.

The event started

around 11:00am yesterday. The celebrities that were there signed

autographs for the children, who sang, danced and recited Big

Pun lyrics while the mural was being painted.

"He was a good

man. A very loyal man" said Terror Squad leader Fat Joe.

"A friend you could trust. A team member. A family man.

Somebody who did it. Somebody that came out the ghetto. Somebody

that when past the obstacles, which is hard."

"You know,

when he was alive, he proved himself" fellow Terror Squad

member Cuban Linx added. "He is still proving himself with

his new album, Endangered Species."

Although Steve Rifkin

initially said that Pun's last album, Yeeah Baby would be the

last from Loud, the label is set to release Endangered Species,

April 3rd. The album is a collection of greatest hits and unreleased


"It just proves

that Pun was the greatest ever. That’s all that’s going to come

out of my mouth" said Fat Joe. "Just in case you didn’t

get with him, this is like a greatest hits, but then again its

like a mix tape. Its like all the best songs Pun had ever did

with other people, solo and he got like 6-7 unreleased songs.

It’s also to generate money for his wife and his kids. It’s

a positive thing all the way around. It’s going to be a classic

in hip hop."

"We are going

to do this mural over every year until we all die" proclaimed

Cuban Link.

Today, February

7th, 2001 is the one year anniversary of Big Pun's passing due

to heart failure. Click

here to see pictures of the Mural being painted.