Big Pun Release Party Turned Out


Punisher's album release party

ended on a sour note lastTuesday, in The Bronx. Jimmy's Cafe was

packed with people there to celebrate the release of Pun's album.

Guest's included Gangstarr, M.O.P., Fat Joe, Dr. Dre (Ed Lover's

Partner). According to sources close to Violator, Chris Lighty

was the intended target, but he was not injured in the altercation.

Apparently a group of about 4 or 5 men had words with Lighty in

regards to past business that the group had. Sources claim it

was a group that Lighty had dropped from his label. Words were

thrown back and forth, and Lighty's bodyguard was involved in

a brawl in which the men raised wooden chairs over their heads

and smashed the bodyguard on his back and head. The bodyguard

managed to fend the assailants off, and send one of them out of

the party in an ambulance. Fat Joe announced that it was time

for everyone to leave, and the guests did so, without any more

acts of Violence.