Big Pun Suffers Fatal Heart Attack


Punisher, who was enjoying the

success he had achieved with Jennifer Lopez' "Feelin' So

Good" single, suffered a fatal heart attack and was pronounced

dead Monday afternoon at the age of 28. A hospital spokesperson,

and Loud Records declined to discuss details of the rapper's condition.

The only information was that Big Pun was dead on arrival at the

hospital at approximately 4 p.m. Monday afternoon (Feb. 7th).

Big Pun, whose real

name is Christopher Rios is survived by a wife and three children.

Big Pun was a no show for the performance of "Feelin So Good"

on Saturday Night Live with Fat Joe and Lopez. Loud Records will

release the now posthumous "Yeehah Baby" in April. If

you live in any major city, you have seen the stickers featuring

Big Pun as the Michael Jordan "Jumpman" Logo, with the

words "Yeehah" on the sticker. Big Punisher will be

missed by all.