Big Sean Aiming For More Acting Gigs After Big Role In New Show "Twenties"

The rapper is hoping to take his acting career to another level.

(AllHipHopNews) Rapper Big Sean is hoping for more TV and film roles after acting in Lena Waithe's new show, "Twenties."

Sean was cast in his first major role as anti-social media yogi Tristan for the dramedy, which was created by "Ready Player One" star Lena, and now he's taking his acting more seriously.

"Music is definitely my first passion, but acting was just something that I've always done on the side," he said. "I was doing Shakespeare plays before I was rapping. My mom was an actress at heart, so she always kept me into that (when I was younger). It is something that I feel I have a natural talent for, so it's cool.

"I hope I get to act more. I think it's just fun, just like I think playing basketball is fun. I ain't trying to go to the NBA (National Basketball Association), but I be hooping (playing ball)."

Lena saw potential in Big Sean when they were hanging out at his Los Angeles house, admitting she took a chance on him in her show, and she is happy with his performance.

"The idea came to me while he and I were talking a few weeks prior, when we got together at his crib and just talked about life, love and the pursuit of true happiness,” she recalls. "He was so evolved in his thinking. We talked about misconceptions people had about us and how too much social media can be toxic. He sounded a lot like the character we’d created," she said."

"But make no mistake, Sean and Tristan are very different. Sean had to really step into the character’s shoes. He was a natural on set and I think this role is going to remind us why he’ll always be one of hip-hop’s most laid-back heartthrobs."

"Twenties" will debut on the BET Network in 2020.