Big Sean Lands Kanye, NO I.D. For New Mixtape

(AllHipHop News) Detroit rapper Big Sean recently released a promotional video in support of his newest mixtape B.I.G FFVOL. 3, Hosted by Don Cannon. “I really wanted to do this mixtape before the album," Big Sean said of his new release. "I have done mixtapes before, and I only done two in my life, third time is a charm I feel like. Cannon is on some real G-s**t and he came to me and approached me with the whole thing."The G.O.O.D. music artist, who was mentored by Kanye West as he developed his style, has obtained the support of fellow rappers Chip tha Ripper Asher Roth, Chuck Inglish, Dom Kennedy, Currency, Suai, complimented by the production of Kanye West and No I.D.“You know, we got some blessing of people like No I.D., Kanye and a whole bunch of big names for a mixture," Big Sean said. "I feel like a lot of people don’t event get opportunities like that. The types of tricks that I am pulling off for my mixtape some people don’t get to pull off for their album."As an artist on Billionaire Boys Club/Def Jam and Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music group, Big Sean feels confident that he has put in the work to make a successful project.“I feel like it’s the s**t, why not get it? Come on quit playing man. This is what I worked so hard for. I feel like I am just getting to the point as an artist, to where I am ready to come out with an album. I feel like, you know all this time I have really been trying to find myself as an artist.”Shrugging off the comparisons to Kanye and claims that Sean is copying his style, Big Sean eludes to the fact that he has come into his own and is comfortable with having come up under Kanye.“People used to say, ‘n***a you sound like Kanye, you sound like this, you sound like that.' I mean s**t I was mentored by Kanye. You know, that fool taught me a lot of things as far as, he taught me not to write and I don’t write s**t down, I premeditate it and think it," Big Sean revealed.Also proud of his heritage as a Detroit MC, Sean talks about the references that people commonly make about Detroit rappers and the natural and original style the city possesses.“Me just coming from Detroit, I feel like you pay attention to a lot of great rappers," Big Sean continued. "You know Detroit is know for their sound, you hear Biggie talk about Detroit players, pink mink, gators, you hear Jay and all these famous and honorable people reference Detroit for their style. I feel like I am almost a reincarnation of that man. I am letting people know that this fresh s**t we got it on lock. Whether it comes to this fashion, this music, whatever.”