Big Sean Responds to Ludacris Diss

(AllHipHop News) Big Sean clarified statements he made about his role in developing the now infamous " Supa Dupa Flow" style of rhyming.

Big Sean responded to Ludacris' "Badaboom" track released yesterday (November 17).

During an interview with Seattle's KUBE 93FM, Big Sean explained that he respects Ludacris and described how he thinks the rumors and misconceptions about the rhyming tactic became so popular.

"I ain't got no problems with Luda, I never did. I think he's referring to an interview I did over a year ago. Literally over a year ago," Big Sean explained as he defended himself to Seattle's KUBE 93 radio. "But in the interview I said he's a legend. I respect people who is ahead of me. I respect OG's and the G's in general. The only thing I said, [the interviewers] was telling me about the "Supa Dupa' flow. They call it the 'Supa Dupa' flow because on 'Big Sean' my second mixtape I had a flow on there where I was using one word to describe another word in a punchline form."

Currently Drake is on tour with A$AP Rocky and his album Take Care is projected to sell over 500,000 copies in the first week, despite being leaked on the internet a week prior to release.

Big Sean squashed any possiblity of beef with Luda or Drake and blamed the internet for blowing his comments out of proportion.

"I think people just want to see some beef, and I'll tell you this now, a lot of people think me and Drake got problems, and I can only speak from my side, but I talked to Drake a month or two ago and everything was all cool. So I don't know personally if he has any issues with me now but, as far as I'm concerned thats the homie, I dont have nothing against him. And Luda, Luda is Luda, I dont really know Luda like that so I can't really say nothing, but you know I ain't got nothing against him, I'm surprised he cared so much."