Big Tigger Denies Radio Account Of Homosexuality

In response to allegations

revealed when groupie-turned-author Karrine "Superhead" Steffans visited

a New York radio station, radio personality Tigger has released an exclusive statement

to, denying rumors of homosexuality.

After releasing her tell-all book “Confessions of a Video

Vixen,” which exposes sexual affairs between her and numerous hip-hop

artists, actors and athletes, Steffans has literally turned the entertainment

industry upside down with her tales of infidelity.

In an R. Kelly "Trapped in the Closet" moment during

a recent interview with Hot 97 personality Miss Jones, details of an alleged

sexual tryst involving Superhead, Tigger, and another man were disclosed while

Steffans was discussing her relationship with hip-hop pioneer Kool G. Rap.

According to reports, G. Rap, with whom Steffans has a child,

phoned in to dispute several of the claims in the new book, including physical


Kool G's wife and aspiring rapper Ma Barker also reportedly

called in, at which point the graphic account about Tigger evolved.

Hoping to do severe rumor control, Tigger has refuted the story.

"I am not

gay. I have never been involved with any homosexual activities," Tigger

told . "I wanna thank all those who have shown support through


Despite her openness,

Steffans has remained mysteriously tight-lipped about certain details in her

book and was even compelled to cancel a book signing last week at a Harlem bookstore

due to security fears.

Steffans is currently

promoting the book on the East Coast.