Big Tigger Readies 'Tiggernometry'

Most people recognize Big Tigger as the freestyle

heavy host of BET's Rap City, who outshines most of his guests.

Now the rapper will change hats from host to

artist, as he readies his debut album, Tiggernometry.

"I can't really spill all of the beans about

it 'cause it's some things we want to do that have never been done," Tigger

told "We're looking for a fundamentally focused, phat, innovative


While he says that he is negotiating with producer

Swizz Beats to sign to his Full Surface Records, Tigger said that he was still

negotiating with Swizz and other major labels and had not yet signed with anyone.

Tigger said that the album will be very indicative

of his personality and that fans shouldn't expect a major change from the popular


"I can spit when it's time to spit, my story

game is kind of good," Tigger continued. "I'm not a gangtsa rapper.

Obviously your not going to catch too many rhymes about me being on the block

with the glock. That's not my experience and I can't make up sh*t."