Big V's Chicken Chain Stolen

Big V from platinum

selling rap group Nappy Roots now shares more in common with Lil' Kim than just

their Atlantic Records recording home.

On Wednesday, October

7th the elaborate chicken claw piece Big V can be spotted wearing around his

neck turned up missing upon arrival in Indianapolis, Indiana, after Nappy Roots

had flown in from Los Angeles, California.

Southwest Airlines

officials in Los Angeles asked him to check in the charm, citing that it could

be used as a weapon.

"It's too

sharp and too rigid I guess for me to have it on the plane, so they made me

check it," Big V told

He discovered it

was missing after examining his luggage upon arrival in Indianapolis.

"As soon as

the plane lands I get out to check my luggage to make sure…cause you know,

motherf*ckers go through sh*t working at the airport. They human too, they might

have habits or some sh*t. And this time my chain happened to be gone."

The charm, which

is made of white gold, combined with its accompanying chain, is worth in the

neighborhood of $20,000.

According to Southwest

Airlines' website, "unless excess value is declared and charges paid at

the time of checkin, Southwest Airlines' liability for lost, damaged or delayed

baggage is limited to $2,500.00 per fare-paying customer."

But, airlines officials

were hesitant to claim responsibility.

"Man, motherf*ckers

talking about they ain't responsible for lost jewelry. How the hell can that

be when they make you check it? This is jewelry and you explain that when you

check it in. You seen it and I seen it. If we don't see, it then you responsible,"

added a frustrated Big V.

To make matters

worse, Big V didn't have his expensive neckwear insured.

"I filed a

report at the airport and my lawyers are on it cause something got to be done.

Other than that man I'll take the bullet to the face and learn to get my shit

insured. When you don't do wrong sh*t, you don't think of wrong sh*t coming

back to you. You learn. I got one under construction now. I'm going to come

back stronger than Scottie Pippen."


spoke with Big V, the Nappy Roots were in Pensacola, FL for a show that evening.

In his own words,

"the show must go on."