Biggie's Mom Dismisses Lil Kim's Allegations

In a recent interview, Voletta Wallace aired

out her feelings on Lil Kim, who made the shocking allegations that the Notorious

B.I.G. abused her and urged her to have an abortion.

"All this stuff, black eyes, pulling guns..that's

a bit much," Ms. Wallace said. "If my son had pulled a gun on Lil

Kim, I wish he would have blown her brains out."

While Ms. Wallace said that she respected Lil

Kim, she said that Lil Kim was only thinking about herself and that Kim was

throwing unneeded shots at her deceased son.

"I'm kind of sick of little Kim right now.

I really would like for her to leave my son alone. Get on with your life."

Ms. Wallace compared Kim to Benedict Arnold and

said that she had never heard of the abortion allegations.

"I didn't even know the scenario behind

the whole abortion. I never asked my son about love and Lil Kim. I wanted to

puke. I had a headache the whole night."

Ms. Wallace, who recently honored the mothers

of other slain rappers, said that she didn't want her son's name tainted.

"Leave him alone. Everytime I turn around,

I am reading something bad about my son."