Bill Cosby Attacks Hip-Hop

Bill Cosby continues to

address what he perceives as trouble in the African-American community and had

some harsh words for Hip-Hop music.

Cosby addressed a college

conference in South Carolina and said Hip-Hop music glorified the wrong things.

The 67 year-old said that

rap demeans women, embraces profanity and celebrates criminal behavior.

“Our children are

glorifying the wrong things,” Cosby told the National Association for

Equal Opportunity in Higher Education, an organization that represents over

100 black colleges nationwide.

"It’s a sign

when college students who score more than 1,200 on their SAT’s walk around

with baggy pants like they do in prison," Cosby said. “These children

are telling us something with this behavior. We’re not paying attention.

We’re not parenting.”

Cosby urged educators to

encourage students to reach out to blacks with broken homes and violent pasts

to help them rise above impoverished conditions.

Cosby's comments come as

the anniversary of the landmark 1954 decision Brown vs. Board of Education comes

in September.

The Brown vs. Board of Education

was a milestone because the United States Supreme Court ruled that "separate

educational facilities are inherently unequal."

The decision denied

the legal basis for segregation in Kansas and 20 other states with segregated

classrooms and changed race relations in the United States.

Cosby urged African-American's

to not focus events that are transpiring worldwide and to instead focus on what

is happening at home.

"Go across

the street into the projects," he said. "These are people who need

to see another picture, a brighter picture."