Bill Cosby, Boys & Girls Club Continue ‘State of Emergency Campaign’

Bill Cosby’s debut Hip-Hop project (Bill Cosby Present the Cosnarati: State of Emergency) has found support in the Boys & Girls Clubs of America through a forthcoming community dialogue series.

Starting on December 12, Boys & Girls Clubs across the nation will host “LISTENing parties” aimed at discussing the themes of education, service to others, and self-respect found on Cosby’s album.

The seminal organization, which boasts celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Denzel Washington, and Bill Cosby himself among their alumni, hopes these sessions will motivate individuals to initiate action plans to improve their neighborhoods.

“Boys & Girls Clubs of America is excited that Clubs are hosting LISTENing parties to mobilize their communities around very poignant issues that are affecting youth nationwide,” stated Judith J. Pickens, organization Senior VP, Program & Youth Development Services to “We believe this is the perfect opportunity for the Clubs to not only engage teen members but also fosters dialogue and action throughout the community.”

“Thank you Boys and Girls Clubs of America,” Cosby added on the partnership. “Your support of the Cosnarati LISTENing Parties gives the true meaning of ‘it takes a village.’”

After several years of critical commentary on the violence and misogyny found in mainstream Hip-Hop, Bill Cosby released his own Hip-Hop album last month (November 24) in an attempt to show how the art form can be channeled to combat social issues. It features production from William "Spaceman" Patterson, and verses from emcees Jace the Great, Brother Hahz, and Supa Nova Slom.

Through, visitors can find a local LISTENing party, or sign up as a host to bring the idea to his or her community. Those who sign up as a host will receive the Cosby CD, album lyrics, a session outline, and a copy of Cosby’s book “Come On People: On the Path From Victims to Victors.”