Billie Holiday: Remixed & Reimagined

Lady Sings the Blues meets the new millennium with this outrageous and daring reintroduction of Lady Day. Remixed & Reimagined (Columbia Legacy) is a true masterpiece that expands the expectation of “new music” in an era where predictability is expected. Billie Holiday’s unique jazzy style made major noise throughout the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and today, new heads get a taste of the old with the insertion of electronica and a blend of Hip-Hop; this is a true clean up CD.Legacy Recordings put it down with this album. From the first track, “I Hear Music” and its live sound introduction you get the Baduizim vibe that lowers all inhibitions and opens the ear up to an out of this world coloration. Holiday’s raspy, bluesy delivery and live orchestra backdrop sets up the creativity for the remainder of the album; this joint does not disappoint. To offer a slice of variety, Producers DJ Logic and Tony Humphries do their thing blending beats with blues exercising their creativity to bring a new sound. Nicodemus kills the game with his contribution to “Travelin’ All Alone.” Organica’s “Summertime” puts you in a musical bliss with tango beats mixed and a soft touch of Holiday’s often time’s emotional delivery. More surprises ensue when Lady Bug Mecca of Digable Planets infamy spits on “Spreadin’ Rhythm Around” behind a free flown Lady Day. It just does not stop. By far this combination of Jazz and Electronica is a risky combination and sometimes becomes reminiscent of an X’ed out techno club on tracks like “Pennies from Heaven” which fall short of some of the more melodic and rhythmic collaborations. The invasion of such a manufactured sound calls for maybe one-track skip, but even those with an ear for a funk vibe can enjoy it. This is a true work of art. Billie Holiday life served as an inspiration to music and the reintroduction of a legend couldn’t come at a better time.