Birdman Busted on Weapons, Fraudulent License charges

Cash Money Records

founder and rapper Brian “Birdman” Williams was arrested Sunday (Jan.

29) on weapons and fraudulent driver’s license charges.

The 36-year-old

music mogul was charged with carrying a concealed firearm; possession of a firearm

by a convicted felon; unlawful use of a license by presenting another person’s

driver's license; possession of a fraudulent license; and failure to have vehicle


The alleged incident

occurred at 3:28 a.m., when Miami Beach police officer Kevin Millan said he

spotted a maroon Maserati ''parked in the right lane of traffic'' on South Pointe

Drive. Millan’s police report further stated that the vehicle had no tag

and a covered vehicle identification number.

Williams told Millan

he owned the Maserati and that his license and paperwork were inside the car,

according to the report.

“After opening

the glove compartment, [the] defendant reached across to driver's side,”

Millan stated. “While doing so, he removed a .40 cal. glock semi-auto pistol

from his waist band with his right hand and dropped it to driver's floor board….[The]

gun [was] loaded with eight rounds.”

Police said Williams

had three ID cards and two driver’s licenses from Louisiana under the names

Brian Williams, with a birthdate of Feb. 15, 1975, and Thomas Corey, with a

birthdate of Feb. 15, 1969.

In addition, Williams told officers his real name was Brian Christile Williams,

born in 1969.

The report also

stated that Williams told police he recently purchased the Maserati in Los Angeles,

but ''it has no tag and has not been registered." H e also said he had

a prior felony conviction.


attorney, André Crenshaw, stated that the allegations against his client

are untrue. “There are some conflicting stories as to his possession of

a handgun,” said Crenshaw. "[Williams] denies saying that he has a

felony conviction. He never made that statement.”

Williams, who is

out on $18,000 bond, could not be reached for comment Tuesday (Jan. 31).