Birdman Claims Loan Company Set Him Up To Fail With High-Interest Rate

Was Bryan "Birdman" Williams jerked out of his own money?

(AllHipHop News) Bryan "Birdman" Williams has countersued a company which gave him a $12 million loan, which has turned into a financial disaster for the rap mogul.

The rapper claims the lender, EMG Transfer Agent, deliberately structured his loan so he would eventually default.

The Cash Money Records co-founder says EMG Transfer Agent issued a predatory loan and charged him up to 25% interest.

Birdman is trying to get all of the money he has paid to EMG Transfer Agent thus far, in addition to the return of finance charges, and some damages as well.

Back in January, Birdman was ordered out of the $14.5 million mansion, which he bought back in 2012.​

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