Birdman Wants His Money From Tyga According To Lawsuit

Tyga is still in the hole to Cash Money, according to Birdman.

(AllHipHop News) Cash Money boss Bryan "Birdman" Williams claims Tyga still owes the label a ton of money, as the pair battle in a $10 million lawsuit over royalties.

Tyga filed the lawsuit against Cash Money, claiming he was owed millions for several hits, including "Careless World" and "Hotel California."

Back in November of 2018, Cash Money responded to Tyga and the label said they were refusing to pay Tyga anything.

Now, Cash Money claims they are the ones who are owed money after Tyga flagrantly breached his agreement and left the label back in 2016.

Tyga apparently took a bunch of advances and while he may have recorded some hits for the label, they haven't been paid back in full yet.

“As a result, Plaintiff’s royalty account is significantly unrecouped. Plaintiff has been provided access to a royalty accounting system and the data in that system reflects Plaintiff’s unrecouped status.” according to the latest round of court action.

Tyga's lawyers are going through royalty statements the label provided and are preparing a response.

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