Bishop Don Juan Lands Advice Column In Elemental Magazine

Elemental Magazine

has announced that Archbishop Don quot;Magic" Juan has been tapped to do

a monthly column helping readers lay their "game" down proper.

Debuting in their July issue,

the Archbishop will council "game challenged" readers and those seeking


"I'm giving it to you

straight, no chaser," declared Don. "In order to be a true playa you

need to: Mean what you say and say what you mean: that's the making of a good


Don is best known for his

pimpin' days in Chicago and has since been seen on the big-screen and traveling

the world with Snoop Dogg.

“The Bishop actually

came to us," Elemental publisher Matt Wright added. "The phone rang

one day and it was one of his people. She told us that the Bishop is a fan of

Elemental and would like to work with us. We all got together and came up with

the idea of an advice column based on his experience and outlandish personality.

Like some pimps of the day, including Ice-T, the Don gives out much of his advice

in the

form of rhymes -- it just doesn't get more genuine or more classic than that."

Elemental Magazine

is an independent publication that is published on a monthly basis and represents

all aspects of the Hip-Hop community.