Biz Markie Releasing Limited Edition Beat Boxing Doll

Hip-Hop legend

Biz Markie is releasing a limited edition run of the Diabolical Biz Markie Beat-Boxing


Biz Markie and

Extended Play have teamed up to create 1,000 hand-crafted Biz Markie action

dolls, which come complete with accessories and custom packaging.

The doll is outfitted

in a crisp mesh jersey, hand-tailored jeans and old school kicks (circa 1987).

Standing at nearly

2 feet tall, the Diabolical Biz Markie Doll comes with a three-finger "BIZ"

ring as seen on the "Just a Friend" 12" cover, the classic BIZ

hat and a detachable microphone that fits in either hand.

While the doll

is cast from a hard mold, the body is plush and when the belly is squeezed the

doll makes beat-boxing sounds.

The action figure

is also exclusively packaged in its own custom-made cereal box.

As the Ambassador

of Hip-Hop, Biz Markie first surfaced on the music scene in the early '80s as

a pioneer of Beat Boxer & Emcee with DJ Marley Marl & the Legendary

Juice Crew All-Stars.

Biz's humorous,

innovative and unorthodox approach has influenced generations and led Biz to

countless guest appearances with Hip-Hop's biggest stars.

For more information,

including product details, photos and how to order the doll, visit