Bizzy Bone Baffles And Scares With Behavior

Former Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member Bizzy Bone appeared disoriented and sporadic during an appearance on Houston's Damage Control KPFT radio program Wednesday April 27 night, leaving witnesses confused, scared and baffled. [Listen to the show and interview here.]

Bizzy Bone, who claimed to be homeless, seemed inebriated, spoke in rapid-fire manner with host Matt "Pushermania" Sonzala and rambled incoherently, according to first-hand accounts.

The Cleveland-born rapper was incomprehensible, referring to his "Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" several times and emitting low snarls throughout the interview.

Sonzala said Bizzy, who has admitted to drinking crises in the past, frightened some in the studio. "Some people laughed, but some people were a little nervous," Sonzala told "He was going nutso. [He] went in the guest booth and was jumping around yelling."

According to Sonzala, Bizzy donned a dashiki and was acting erratically. At one point during the interview, Bizzy, who twice on-air blurted out an obscenity, broke into an apparent freestyle about people laughing at him for sleeping in a bus station.

Audibly confused with Bizzy's seemingly inebriated state, Sonzala still attempted to conduct a normal discussion. "I kept my cool and shook his hand," Sonzala added.

Following the episode, however, Sonzala referred to Bizzy as a "man on the verge of a breakdown, trying to hold it together and contain his rage, sadness and multiple intoxications."

Toward the end of the session, Bizzy began yelling "Praise God" and "Holla" repeatedly while promoting his record. Responding to Sonzala's question about the rapper's next destination after the radio show appearance, Bizzy remarked, "You might see me at the bus station, you might see me at the shelter. You might see me somewhere over here, somewhere over there."

Sonzala said he wasn't quite prepared for the interview. The Houston-based host stated that he received a last minute call from DJ Chill, a veteran spin doctor who works with Damage Control, and was informed that Bizzy was visiting the popular radio show.

In an interview with last October, Bizzy revealed that he was attempting to control his excessive alcoholism. "I know in the past I was actually winding up and I was actually hurting and harming myself," Bizzy told "So there are restraints that I have to put on myself and they have done nothing but wonders for me."

Bizzy has endured a significant amount of emotional scarring as a result of a childhood abduction in the early '80s by the biological father of one of his sisters. According to Bizzy, the abductor told him and his sisters that his mother was dead.

In actuality, their mother was in search of the children with the help of the television program, " America's Most Wanted." After a picture of Bizzy was shown at the end of the 1983 TV movie "Adam," Bizzy was returned to his mother's custody, but not without severe emotional damage.

Three years ago, Bizzy explained the torment of his kidnapping on an episode of " America's Most Wanted," describing the ordeal as "mental abuse."

In 2002, Bizzy, who constantly grappled with Bone Thugs, was expelled from the group after walking off stage during a performance in which he was reportedly intoxicated.

Bizzy has released three solo albums, including his latest, Alpha and Omega, through 7th Sign/Universal Records.

No comment has yet surfaced from Bizzy's label or former Bone Thug members.