Bizzy Bone Explains Shocking Interview In Houston

Over the weekend,

reports of Bizzy Bone's antics while at Houston's KPFT FM radio studio reached

the Internet news media.

Audio was made available to the public revealing a Bizzy Bone

that spoke about various issues, specifically the importance of praising God.

"It is my pleasure to praise God outwardly," Bizzy

told early this week. "I've been getting a lot of flack about

it. I've had comments, ‘Oh, I guess you're going Gospel now.’ I

guess people forgot that the biggest song Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ever had was


Bizzy also emphasized that this was not a temporary attitude

caught on tape.

"I'm gonna keep on praising God," Bizzy Bone said.

"It seems everywhere I go, I get a lot of opposition just because of that.

The more I say it, the more upset people get."

Bizzy Bone, who has admitted to personal struggles before, explained

what the radio interview did not.

"If I go to the radio station in Houston – dealing

with so many prejudices and blasphemies and the different things that were happening

to me, just going on and being around people that weren't the same type of people.

Every person who I thought was family, left."

Rumors from within the studio as well as outside reports alluded

to the rapper's drunkenness.

Bizzy admitted this, but added, "It was from the heart.

It was everything that was going on. It was a few drinks. I drink a little bit.

But everything I said, I have to stand beside it."

In reaction to further remarks addressing the rapper's personal

life in the interview, Bizzy stated, "I might have been a lot for people

to hear it like that. But I guess when you're being called so many names, you

step up. You say, ‘Excuse me. Wait a minute.' Where I come from, that

s**t don't fly. I'm a man, and you will respect me as a man."

Radio host, Matt Sonzala made several statements concerning

Bizzy's mental health to on Monday.

Bizzy responded to Sonzala's statement.

"[The DJ can say,] ‘this guy's nuts. He's on the

verge of a nervous breakdown.’ Really, actually, the person who's saying

it may be on the verge of a nervous breakdown," Bizzy said. "The person

saying that may be nuts. Because a good person isn't gonna talk about somebody

badly. They're gonna talk with love, and say ‘this kid is so close to

50 million copies. This kid has no business not having his money.’"

Today, Sonzala updated his thoughts through his web blog, agreeing

with Bizzy's statement.

"Man, I guess

a lot of people took what I said the wrong way," Sonzala wrote. "If

you read the whole article you'll see it was me who was angry, sad and full

of multiple intoxicants. I was just told that our radio show had been cut by

one hour and I was f**king freaking out and then we had Bizzy in the studio

bugging out on his own sh*t. On my blog I was talking about myself being angry,

sad and full of intoxicants. That being said, I have no idea what was up with

Bizzy, he was on his own sh*t that night and while I can say he was acting a

bit crazy, it wasn't my place to say he was on drugs or whatever. I have no

idea. You can hear it for yourself, the interview was insane."