Bizzy Bone Files New Lawsuit


Bone, who one month ago dismissed a lawsuit he

filed against Sony Music, Loud Records and others for releasing

a video compilation without his permission is back in court.

The latest legal

filing is against Southwest Wholesale Tapes And Records. Southwest

handles distribution for many Indie rap labels from the South

and West Coast including: Flip Tha Switch Records, Twista

and Legit Ballin Records, Ball Hawg Records and Big Shot Records.

Apparently, Bizzy

Bone and Knockout Entertainment approached Southwest about

handling the distribution for his second solo album, Gift,

which is due out March 20th. When Southwest stated that they

weren't financially able to distribute the record the way

Bizzy and Knockout desired, Knockout took their business elsewhere,

to Innovative Distribution. Southwest has continued work on

the project without permission.