Bizzy Bone Reality Series Coming To The Net

Rapper Bizzy Bone,

the former front man of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, has announced the formation of a

reality-based show that will be streamed exclusively on in a series

of weekly webisodes.

The show will begin playing September 26 and Bizzy said he’s

not concerned with what the public will think of him.

“I don’t know what people are going to think. I

don’t really be concerned with it,” Bizzy told “We

just doing what we do, doing the best that we can do.”

“It’s people getting to know Bizzy, in the studio, recording the

album and other things. People are going to get an in depth look [at him] and

get a different side of him - not what the press perceives him as,” said

Jarred Weisfeld, who signed Bizzy to his 845 Entertainment.”

The show displays several ranges of Bizzy, from candid to humorous

to troubling.

But, Bizzy said that he’s going to let the footage speak

for itself and hope that it translates into sales of his forthcoming album,

Speaking in Tongues.

“I’m just going with the flow,” Bizzy told

“We did some footage. It’s just to add to the marketing and promoting

of the album. I think it’s going to really do good for the project.”

The Cleveland-reared lyricist stated that his album would live

up to expectations and a testament to the trials he has been through in his


“I ain’t never been on no dumb s**t. This is real

serious, you know, Speaking in Tongues is spiritual. Ain’t nobody

here to play no f**kin’ games,” Bizzy said. “We serious as

a heart attack.”

In 2004, Bizzy released Alpha And Omega and earlier this year,

he dropped Bone Brothers, collaboration with fellow BTNH member Layzie Bone.

Speaking in

Tongues is set to drop on September 27.