Blac Chyna Charged With Smashing Photographer’s Phone

Blac Chyna lost her temper outside of a Hollywood nightclub and now she is facing a criminal charge.

(AllHipHop News) Blac Chyna was in no mood to deal with the paparazzi earlier this morning (October 13).

Earlier today, footage of an enraged Blac Chyna hit the net, showing her smashing another photographer’s iPhone to pieces.

According to reports, Chyna had warned the paparazzi hanging outside of the Hollywood nightclub that she did not want to be photographed.

When one man got too close, Blac Chyna went ballistic and now she’s facing misdemeanor charges for vandalism.

Earlier this month, Blac Chyna was sued by her ex-fiancée
Rob Kardashian, for allegedly trying to strangle him with an iPhone cord.

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She is not Hip-Hop why post about her!