Blac Chyna Erases Her Future Tattoo

AllHipHop Staff

Blac Chyna is saying goodbye to the past being erasing a famous tattoo.

(AllHipHop News) Model and reality TV star Blac Chyna has erased a tattoo she had inked for rapper Future and replaced it with the name of her daughter.

Chyna was briefly linked to singer Ciara's ex-fiance in 2015, and she wasted no time in showing her love to the "Mask Off" hitmaker by having "Future" emblazoned across the side of her hand - only for the rumored romance to fizzle out within weeks.

She went on to have a whirlwind relationship with Rob Kardashian last year, and gave birth to his child, daughter Dream, in November, 2016, before calling off their engagement for good in early 2017.

Chyna has since undergone laser treatment to remove the "Future" ink, and now she has shown off the word "Dream" as its replacement - a dedication to her little girl.

The fresh artwork features the same style of font she sports on her other hand, which spells out the name of her five-year-old son King, from her broken engagement with rapper Tyga.

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Out with the Lauren Hills, In with the strippers. The powers that be are sending this message to our daughters: "being a stripper will get you ahead". Just like they've done to our sons: "being a trapper will get you ahead". SMH.