Blac Chyna Innocent After Being Accused Drunkenly Neglecting Her Child

The cops confirm Blac Chyna was just fine when they showed up at her house.

(AllHipHop News) Police reportedly visited Blac Chyna’s house on Sunday, after receiving an anonymous call claiming that the reality star was drunk and neglecting her two-year-old daughter Dream.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) decided to investigate after the caller claimed Chyna was in “such bad shape, she couldn’t properly care for her daughter.”

However, upon visiting Chyna’s Los Angeles home, officers determined that everything was fine, Dream was being properly looked after and nobody was intoxicated.

There was also a nanny at the property.

Sources claim Chyna had a fight with a member of her glam team earlier in the evening, which may have prompted the call to police.

The incident comes just weeks after Chyna hit headlines when she got into a fight with reality star Alexis Skyy at a private party in Los Angeles.